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Now we may call ourselves the "Cowboy Church", but if ya love the real American West, the beautiful Rocky Mountains, great music, or the true Gospel of GRACEthen we're YOUR church too!

Come meet the family and experience a pure & simple way to celebrate Jesus…the coffee's hot, the smiles real, & you'll sure get fed by the Word!

Join us at "the CROSS Roads of GRACE & FAITH”
and Ride the Trail to Glory!


ROMANS with Doc 1280

August 10th, 2014 to February 1st, 2015


Deep Thoughts from the Trail Boss...

"For of His fullness we have all received, and GRACE upon GRACE.”  John 1:16

Third time’s a charm!  Hope ya’ll enjoyed our THIRD SERVICE in our NEW LOCATION!  We are SO blessed to be able to come together as a family to share the love of Jesus with each other! :)  I believe we’re bein’ positioned for a blessin’ we haven’t even imagined & can’t see comin’!  Now we’re even easier to get to & easier to find…so come be a part of shinin’ the light of the Gospel of Grace on the City Different!  Just click on “Our NEW Location” above for all the details!

As we say goodbye to our home in the Sandia Vista Center, let’s say a special thanks to our Heavenly Father for the blessin’ it’s been, and the even greater blessin’ of what’s to come!  While our trail ride to our permanent home continues, we’ve been blessed with a beautiful & comfortable place to gather for worship & fellowship!  This is a step forward in our life as a church & a time of new beginnings!    There are already exciting changes comin’ round the mountain!  Now’s a great time to get involved & see just how much FUN bein’ part of the Cowboy Church family can be!

We’ll be havin’ our Romans Bible Study this Wednesday at 7pm at the Sandia Vista Center (our old location) and next Sunday mornin’ we’ll continue our ride through Romans with a message called “From FAITH to FAITH!” - invitin' the Holy Spirit to help us get our minds & hearts around some of the most beautiful words of the Holy Scriptures! :)

Special Note:  From August 10th to February 1st, the Cowboy Church of Santa Fe will be explorin’ what I believe is the greatest book of the Bible: ROMANS!   Each Sunday mornin’ we’ll present a message (21 in all) coverin' the entire letter of the Apostle of Grace to the church in Rome, then the followin’ Wednesday evenin' we’ll dig a whole lot deeper into that same passage in our Bible Study!  This single book of the Bible can transform your life, just like it did for so many great leaders of the faith!  Please make plans to join us on Sunday mornin’s & Wednesday evenin’s & take a ride on the “real” Romans Road!  You’ll be blessed!  :)

The train has left the station on a new message series called “THE GOSPEL OF GRACE!” &  “Romans: The Power of the Gospel” is the heart of that series!  Come discover the freedom and blessings of the true Gospel message, & catch up by ridin’ on over to the “Doc’s Message” page here on the website!  Saddle Up! 

In HIS Service…


The Cowboy Church of Santa Fe County is featured in the April/May edition of the Santa Fean Magazine!

Master April May 2014 S.indd

Click on the photo above & ride on over to page 30 & 31 to check out the article on our little Cowboy Church!  A special thanks to Ashley Biggers for showcasin’ us to the City Different!


...The "Santa Fe" Cowboy Way...

"We ride the horse named FAITH, under the light of the DAYSTAR,
followin' THE WAY by studyin' the trail map called THE WORD.

We drink from the waterfall known as GRACE, feed from the BREAD OF LIFE,
& are protected as we ride by the shelter of MERCY.

And as we arrive safely at our journey's end...as our Father runs to greet us...as we embrace those who are already home…we'll join the never-endin' celebration goin' on at that heavenly ranch house in the mountains - just over in GLORY!"


WELCOME to our "Virtual Ranch House" on the World Wide Web & A GREAT BIG Western Howdy…here we don't just do church "the cowboy way", but
"The Santa Fe Cowboy Way!"

At the Cowboy Church of Santa Fe County, you'll get fed & watered…with good food, good times, & good Word!  Come as ya are.  Relax & Rest.  Saddle Up & join us on this trail ride of life, & grow with us as we all ride the trail to glory together!


"Seek the LORD while He may be found; Call upon Him while He is near."  Isaiah 55:6 (NASB)

© 2015 The Cowboy Church of Santa Fe County